Creating real value
in property and places



The group conducts real estate business at national and international level, directly taking care of all processes through 4 highly specialized structures. The strengths are the extensive knowledge of the markets in which the group operates, the synergy between the various operating companies of the group and the flexibility of a pro-active organization, able to find immediate solutions to problems and to address and promptly meet the needs of its customers.

Corporate social responsibility

Redilco group has always aimed to combine entrepreneurship, pragmatism and determination with sustainability and solidarity. The company is committed to pursuing growth, innovation and results, while at the same time paying the utmost attention to the quality of working life.


Business Unit

Redilco group, thanks to the strong synergies between the various companies and to the high specialization of the management, can offer a wide range of activities and services.

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Property solution

To learn more about all our real estate proposals and the services we have to offer visit the site of GVA Redilco.